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Philosophy of Education

Peebles Christian Preschool can best meet its mission when parents share in our philosophy of education.

Children are an amazing part of God’s creation. God, in His creative activity, brought all things into being; whether they be material, spiritual, conceptual, or abstract. In God’s good design, each child has a body/mind/spirit. From our perspective, then, education should seek to nurture not only the mind of the child, but the body and spirit as well. Because of this, education should provide the opportunity not only to learn academic skills, but also socio-emotional skills, physical skills, and character skills in a way that aligns with the design in which God made them.

We believe that each child should be given the opportunity to grow, in these areas, according to their God-given abilities and design. Thus, we seek to provide opportunities for growth and discovery for each student that encourage the development of the whole child in a positive, God-centered environment.

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